a WhitePigeon

We are building a platform
to buy and sell via Crypto

We’re reinventing the global utility blockchain – that is a secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way consumers and merchants buy and sell commodities.

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What is WhitePigeon?

We are building a platform to bring Consumers and Merchants Together.

WhitePigeon will build its own blockchain and will tokenize the payment method currently required by consumers as a means to buy commodities from the merchants.

We at WhitePigeon firmly believe for cryptocurrencies to become more than merely a speculative asset, it needs to be used by more users and merchants.

Exclusive Membership


Our Top Contributors will have an access to a mesmerizing Jet Black Crypto card, which can be used to load their WhitePigeon tokens and pay for commodities at merchant outlets.

The WhitePigeon tokens can be converted to other cryptos with a liquidity pool provided by WhitePigeon Network.

Token Distribution

Token Allocation

15%Public Sale
5%Bounty & Rewards
20%Development Team
25%Reserve Fund

Funds Allocation

10%Legal & Advisory
20%Marketing & Sales
20%Admin & Operations
50%Platform Development

Our Roadmap

Team Setup, Launch of WhitePigeon Website

Marketing & Promotion

Launch of MVP - WP Switch Digital Wallet

Qtr 1 2021

Pre ICO & Public ICO

Infrastructure ready for Blockchain Development

Exchange Listings

Qtr 2 2021

Blockchain Development

Qtr 3 2021 - Qtr 4 2021

WhitePigeon TestNet Available

Bug Testing and Bounty Events

Qtr 1 2022

WhitePigeon MainNet Available

Swap from ERC20 to native WhitePigeon Coin

Qtr 2 2022

Enhanced WhitePigeon Mobile Wallet with inbuild Expense Tracker

WhitePigeon Desktop Wallet with Ledger Support and Expense Tracker

Qtr 3 2022

Merchant Onboarding and Marketing

Integration of Merchant Finder in both Mobile and Desktop Wallet

Exclusive WhitePigeon Crypto card Availability

Qtr 4 2022

Solution Provider

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Core team

Passionate BlockChain Enthusiast with a proven record in FinTech, BlockChain Development, Platform Security and Marketing

Abhilasha Singh
Founder & CEO

Abhilasha Singh

Founder & CEO

11+ Years of Experience in Corporate Finance & Risk Management

05+ Years of Experience in BlockChain Execution & Designing

Operations & Strategy Management

Specialization in Fintech Technologies

Blockchain Investor and BlockChain Speaker.

Developer - LGCY Network

Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar


12+ Years of Experience in Data Analytics and Data Mining

8+ Years of Experience in Blockchain Technology

Certified Blockchain Security Professional™ (CBSP) from Blockchain Council

Java Programmer

Solidity Code Auditor

Justin Waiau
Chief Advisor

Justin Waiau

Chief Advisor

Project Manager at LGCY Network BlockChain

Experienced BlockChain Entrepreneur

Business Leader with Extensive Project Management Experience

Frequently Asked Question

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is White Pigeon?

White Pigeon is a blockchain providing solution for both consumers and merchants to buy and sell commodities with the help of tokenization.

A participant can use ETH/USDT to buy White Pigeon tokens in the Public ICO.

Participating in the Public ICO is simple, A participant needs to join the official Telegram group at https://t.me/WhitePigeonOfficial and can opt for the participation by contacting any available admins.

What is the schedule of Public ICO?

We are opening a 5 Day Public ICO Sale window.

Public ICO runs from 10th May till 14th May and is priced at $ 0.05 per token.

Soft Cap = $7 Million

Hard Cap = $60 Million

What type of token is White Pigeon?

To help the crowdfunding, currently White Pigeon will be an ERC20 Smart contract token. It will be exchanged in a 1:1 ratio once White Pigeon Main Net goes Live.

Participation in the ICO is voluntary and a participant from Pre-ICO can also enter the Public-ICO if they wish to accumulate more tokens.

Contact White Pigeon

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.