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With the WhitePigeon Network Crypto Debit Card, users can hold crypto in their account and only sell it at the point in time where they spend using a conventional debit card. This is a great benefit for investors looking to hold onto their crypto for as long as possible. This way, you’ll be able to keep as much exposure to the digital asset markets as possible –– there’s no need to sell your crypto in advance of making purchases with your debit card.

WhitePigeon Network helps consumers to spend cryptocurrencies in their daily life.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive


  • Speed & Confirmation of the Transaction
  • Volatility in Price
  • Transaction Cost
  • Operational Transparency and Auditability


With WhitePigeon Network, the transaction speed will be near-instant with instant transaction confirmations. Price volatility will be taken care of by running sufficient nodes for a congestion-free network with reduced transaction fees.

Unique Value Proposition

WP Switch app will have a reward function for completing "Stay Healthy - Stay Fit" tasks, thus retaining the customers in the long run. Invite feature will help us in getting more traction.

Unfair Advantage

As of now, there is no perfect reward system by any project that can motivate them to stay with the project. We intend to change this and want our customers to be our long time contributors.

Customer Segments

Consumers who are not able to use their cryptocurrencies as of now for buying any tangible products. Merchants who currently are not able to tap into crypto consumers.

Existing Alternatives

  • Banking channels providing Fiat transaction options.
  • Crypto cards providing purchasing power but only deal in either Bitcoins or selected cryptocurrencies.
  • Both the above brings in serious settlement charges.

Key Metrics

The Success of any product directly depends on the number of organic users it has. We will use comprehensive marketing strategies to market the services provided by the project, resulting in exponential growth in the number of users on board.

High Level Concept

We target to provide solutions in P2P transactions, Health App for earning rewards, Expense Management features in the WP Switch App.


We will be using all available resources at our disposal. Like, Direct marketing, social media ads, features including Invites, Partnerships & Collaborations to scale efficiently.

Early Adopters

Our Early Adopters are the fantastic community members and investors who believe in our vision and stood to contribute in all possible means.

Cost Structure

From launching a website, Hiring resources, building a Minimal Viable product to Promotions and Marketing, Each stage requires sufficient cash flow to meet the targets on time and smooth project deliverables.

Revenue Streams

Revenue sources will be in the form of transaction fees. Considering the fact that in the United States alone, the annual spending of its residents has surpassed $4.8 Billion in the year 2019 alone.




We make Purchases & Sales with cryptocurrencies possible with Blockchain technology which is Fast & Efficient, and Secured with No downtimes.


Considering the fact that Visa & MasterCard contributes to 90% of the world's digital payment support, Scaling will come with time.






As Blockchain Technology is fairly new compared with the regular banking channels, there is a huge scope and room to grow as a P2P transaction Solution provider.


Projects like Crypto.com, Wirex, Revolut, Monolith provide us a competition, but at the same time also gives us a ready-made analysis of their shortcomings which we can improve.


Let's Discover



P2P transaction solutions on the Blockchain are instant, secure & comes with no downtimes.



Our initial customer base will be within the community itself, and we have close to 7000 Members who will be testing the WP Switch App at its launch, which will start to scale from this point The In-App referral option will help to increase the customer base.



WP Switch App will be launched as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) phase-2. Customers will be able to store, send and receive their assets. We have added an in-build MarketPlace which helps users to buy products in the form of Digital Vouchers.



With regular updates and additions to the features, we will retain most of our user base. We want our users to feel like a part of the project rather than simply an end-user.



Current settlement charges charged by the banking institutions on the Merchants make it too hard for them to survive and increases operational costs. We intend to reduce this and ultimately help both customers and Merchants benefit from this, and this will in return help us increase the number of transactions and revenue.



Users will only be able to generate a referral code once they completea specific set of tasks. This gives a personal feeling of being a contributor and reduces inorganic user count.






  • Brand
  • Feature
  • Packaging

We looked into few past projects and were able to see their shortcomings. Consumers tend to use the product for an initial phase of time but eventually leaves.


  • Price
  • Discounts
  • Bundling deals
  • Credit terms

When we decided to let go with regular banking channels, we eventually saved on many costs involved in settlements for card charges, like up to 3% settlement charges that a Merchant has to bear just to keep his customer.


  • Ads
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Email Search Engine
  • Video

White Pigeon Network has already deployed Marketing Agencies and PR Managements to take care of our social media activities and Partner relationships.


  • Stores
  • Website
  • Online Marketplace

WhitePigeon will be available for services on the Web, Mobile Applications, Tablets, and Smart Watches, to name a few.

We are getting Merchants onboarded who would love to sell from their Physical stores as well.


Marketing Activities

TOFU (Top of the funnel)

Activities that will facilitate awareness. Making our target audience aware of the problem we are addressing and how we are solving them.

MOFU (Middle of the funnel)

Activities that will facilitate evaluation. Convert those who are aware into leads.

BOFU (Bottom of the funnel)

Activities that will facilitate conversions: Guide the leads in making an informed purchase decision.





Our Team

Founder & CTO Vinod Kumar
  • 12+ Years of Experience in Data Analytics and Data Mining.
  • 8+ Years of Experience in Blockchain Technology
  • Certified Blockchain Security Professional™ (CBSP) from Blockchain Council
  • Java Programmer
  • Solidity Code Auditor
Chief Advisor Raj A. Kapoor
  • Founder Member - The Blockchain Continuum
  • Blockchain Partner - Tech Africa.
  • India Partner - Intellicoin
  • India Partner - Guap Coin.
  • India Director - Bitcoinvend, UK.
  • Director India - Blockedu Canada
  • Chairman, YunoMeta
  • Chief Growth Officer - Chainsense, UK
Technical Head Ankit Jha
  • CEO and Co-founder of Awarno Technologies
  • 4+ years of Experience in Web and App development.
  • 2+ Years of Experience in User Experience design
  • Programming Languages known: PHP, Python, JavaScript.
  • Pursuing Data science from IIT MADRAS.
Chief Marketing Officer Shashank Srivastava
  • Founder- RiseDigit Marketing
  • 8+ Experience in Digital marketing.
  • MBA in Retail management
Advisor Robby Jeo
  • CEO- Kommunitas
  • Strategic Advisor( OkraTech & Affyn)
  • Core Startup Advisory
  • Proficient in Startup Marketing
Strategic Advisor Wee-Ming L.
  • Headmaster- Mentalmatics
  • Head Neurotherapist - Brain Tuning Music Lab
  • Director - My Little Ones
  • Founder - My Little Genius


QTR 1 2022
  • Website Launch
  • Community buildup
  • Public IDO
  • Token Staking
  • Exchange Listing
  • Marketplace Launch
QTR 2 2022
QTR 3 2022
  • Marketplace Enhancement
  • Android and iOS release
  • Merchant onboarding
  • Additional Exchange Listings
  • Smart Health band
  • Expense Tracker integration
QTR 4 2022
QTR 1 2023
  • Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • TestNet Launch
QTR 2 2023
QTR 3 2023
  • MainNet Launch
  • Token Migration
  • Product Migration
  • WP Crypto Card release
QTR 4 2023

Solution Providers



Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.